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Champions for sobriety and healthy living

Our Mission Statement: To create innovative programs that provide access to educational, recreational and healthy living initiatives designed to positively aid in the development of the total person.

Our Vision: To create and foster programs that introduce healthy living initiatives to the family unit. Through our programs, the foundation will provide substance-abuse awareness, host basketball clinics, as well as create an academic excellence program to assist youth in pursuing their educational endeavors.


Recent News

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John Lucas Foundation Golf Classic

John Lucas hosts his annual celebrity golf tournament to raise funds towards healthy living programs geared towards drug and alcohol prevention.



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*Transition from being needed (HS) to being challenged (College)isnt always easy. *Transition from playing vs team w/ 1 (or2) college guys to playing against a COLLEGE team isnt always easy. *Having to be at your best to simply catch a pass,dribble,cut, rebound isnt always easy https://t.co/lbnP2EKdPw

If your looking for comfort and pretty lies, you won’t find it....If you want the honest truth about the transition between H.S and college...You may want to visit @BIReports TL. To truly Internalize the message, Don’t look at the messenger..Take heed to the messages!